Find it Cook it


From an idea cooked up with friends over a couple of Guinness, to being featured on all Aer Lingus transatlantic flights, this project started as a labour of loveā€¦then took off. We wanted this low budget, digital series to feel unpretentious and be all about meeting new characters, cooking up a storm & having fun.

I researched, wrote, produced, directed & edited the 3-part series and whilst it was tough going at times, I loved every minute.

Aer Lingus loved the series and quickly snapped it up for their in-flight entertainment. We were delighted to know our little series was keeping their passengers entertained…and it felt lovely to find ourselves sandwiched neatly between Arianna Grande and Elton John.

My Roles

Concept, Writing, Researching, Directing, Editing, Social Media


Irish Media Network, Aer Lingus

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